Street Racing is Wrong, But Fun!

Take a look at this old footage, Street Racing is Wrong, But Fun!

Yes, we do remember that we have talked about how you are not supposed to race on open (public) roads time over time, however this is actually a pretty old video, so it would be a shame not to bring it to you since in a way, the damage has already been done.

The setup is pretty familiar since we all know and remember the days when all you needed for a race was for the right two cars to pull up to the same stoplight and a few blips of the throttle later it would be obvious that the race is on.

These guys did just that and it might seem to some that they have done this a few times already and both of their cars are pretty fast because the guy filming was ready to go after them but could not keep up.

Now we get to the video part or the video quality or lack thereof, and there is not too much we can say to make things better, because this is a video that is quite old and back then, the phones were not the 8K ultra high definition filming beasts that we are used to these days.

Be that as it may, we decided that everybody needs to see this video, even if the quality is not so great, you can still hear and see what is important, and that is, two great American classic cars making a pass (if you will) and the guys behind the wheel having fun.

So just like we said in the tittle, street racing is wrong for many reasons and you should not do it on open roads, instead you should use closed track, but it is still a very good fun like you can see in this video.

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