Street Outlaws OKC – Big Chief’s The Crow, Still the Top Street Racer?

Check this, Street Outlaws OKC – Big Chief’s The Crow, Still the Top Street Racer?

Since the show is not really ready to air, we have plenty of time to check out the new stuff that we are about to see and today we even get to talk about it.

This time apparently we are talking about one of the most famous racer on the show and possibly in the 405, Big Chief.

We all know that he has been at the top of the list or in the top three spots most of the time and he has been very successful on nearly all the streets that he has visited with the 405 team.

Over the years he has proven himself against many other racers and has managed to stay at the top of his list beating extremely fast competitors like Daddy Dave and Ryan Martin.

This however might be about to change with the newest Nationwide list since we are sure that this new list will get much more competitive.

Not that the 405 list is not competitive enough, but the guys that will be on the new list will include guys like Axmen and Kye Kelley.

Now we all know that Axmen is one of the fastest racers out there and has beaten the best during the No Prep Kings Championship, but we must not forget Kye Kelley, since he is the guy that gives Big Chief a real headache whenever they have to race.

And when we say headache, we mean that Big Chief is yet to beat Kye Kelley on the street, since every race they had on the street, Kye has always ended up in the front.

For more information on this topic, as well as other topics related to the new season, check out the video and see what matchups you can expect during the new season of Street Outlaws OKC and Street Outlaws Nationwide.

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