Are Street Outlaws Going Back to Their Roots !?

What do you think, Are Street Outlaws Going Back to Their Roots !?

As usual Sim is back and today he has quite a touchy subject as a part of his show.

Today he talks about how much money are these guys making from the Street Outlaws show. We all know that throughout the years these guys have been making their cars faster and faster since this is what the whole philosophy is all about and they are trying to beat their competition on every occasion they get.

However, we have noticed that aside from their race cars, their trailers have been getting better and better, as well as their additional equipment.

 This is pointing out that there is a significant amount of money involved in the show and it is going up each year and we do like this fact, because these were the guys that were doing what they love for free so if their determination and love for the street race got them a few bucks along the way, well we are glad for it.

These are the type of people which on occasion have spent all their money for their car just so they can do this, so if some cash is lining their pockets because of it, well good for them and it would only mean that they will spend (most of it) in order to make their cars faster and safer, and that is always a good thing.

How much money these guys are really making?

Well fact is that these are not numbers that are available to us and we would not like to throw around numbers, and we would like to stick to what is visible to us the aforementioned trailers and cars.

Maybe you have some better information about the figures, and if you do maybe you can tell us about it in the comment section.


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