Why The 405 are Not on Street Outlaws Fastest In America Season 2 !!!

Check this, Why The 405 are Not on Street Outlaws Fastest In America Season 2 !!!

For a while now Sim has been bringing us some great news about the street racing scene and once again, or to be exact for the two hundredth fifty second time he is here for us to keep us informed about how the next show is going.

In today’s show he picks up the pace with some comments about who else is supposed to be on the show and who’s not being the best person for the slot allotted to him.

Amongst others, the name of Jeff Lutz has been mentioned and for quite a few good reasons. We all have seen him go and race the best of the 405 so why is he being kept off the list must be something about limiting the guys from the 405 into turning this into just another 405 list.

We understand that there are many other cars out there that we honestly hope to make the show interesting, however after seeing the 405 dominate on quite a few occasions, we are kinda convinced that keeping Jeff Lutz on the show, might cause some viewers to feel like they are watching Street Outlaws OKC 2.0.

In other news, it seems that we have spoken too soon when it comes to Birdman. We have talked about how he has destroyed his car beyond repair, however it seems now that with Boosted GT being also on the list, these guys might be swapping spots.

By this we mean that Birdman has been testing Boosted’s car, and this is quite the indicator that these guys might be collaborating about who gets to drive the car.

Whoever gets behind the wheel, all we would like to see is to stay safe and keep it all clean for the next season.

To find out more, as always play the video and check out what Sim has to say about all this.

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