Top 10 Launch Fails – Racing Gone Wrong!!!

Take a look at these Top 10 Launch Fails – Racing Gone Wrong!!!

The year was 1985, and a Formula 1 car by the name of Renault RE60 F1, was capable of storing all of the data from the few sensors on boar on a diskette (for the younger ones, this was a rudimentary storage disk, later known as a floppy disk or the grandfather of a regular USB storage device).

This allowed the technicians to read all the data and teach the driver what to do and what not to do during the race.

It also allowed them to tell the driver how and when to release the clutch and shift gears in order to perform a better launch than the one that he could do, relying on his sense of acceleration.

In a way, this might be considered the beginning of the launch control.

A device which these days is present in nearly any performance vehicle, in order to help the driver, accelerate the vehicle to the best of its abilities on the current surface.

Some systems are so advanced that in order to perform, they actually need a test pass which will calibrate the power to the grip levels that the car is experiencing at the moment.

In today’s video you are about to see the worst things that can happen while launching a vehicle.

It is not that none of these machines rely on the launch control system, instead it is living proof that there is much more stuff that needs to be taken care of, before slamming the accelerator to the floor and performing the launch sequence.

From half shafts racing by the car, all the way to entire rear axles deciding to go their separate way, these are the worst launches that we have been able to gather in a video, so sit back and have some fun.

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