Scary Street Race Crash!!!

Take a look at this, Scary Street Race Crash in Mcalister, Oklahoma!!!

Let us take you to Mcalister, Oklahoma with the help of this video, which we wished it had a better ending but like most times, it could have been much, much worse.

The event is held at a closed street so all of it is legal and as you are about to see it had all the necessary precautions taken in order to keep the driver, as well as the spectators safe.

The fire rescue teams were on the scene in a matter of seconds which proves how great the whole thing was organized, but luckily there was no need for their intervention apart from making sure the car does not catch on fire once it was settled on the ground.

The car in question is a Nitrous Nova which has been actually doing pretty great during the event, and after the burnout it was all ready to face the Luv Truck, a very well-known nitrous assisted racer which has quite the few races under his belt.

As soon as the light was on, both cars made a great start, and even though the temperatures were going down the Nova found tons of grip and it pulled the front wheels clean off the ground and kept them there for more than two seconds.

It was all going well at that moment, however it appears that the driver turned the wheel slightly to the right while the front was in the air and you know already where this is headed.

Upon landing the whole car snapped to the right so fast, there was just no saving it.

There is some good luck in the whole deal since it appears that when he crossed he missed the Luv Truck by an inch or two, and thus keeping him safe and out of the crash.

Check out how close he was to the truck in the video and remember, motorsport is very dangerous.

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