Blown Chevy II Nova Engine FAIL at 175mph vs 3000+hp Twin Turbo Cadillac!!!

Take a look at this, Blown Chevy II Nova Engine FAIL at 175mph vs 3000+hp Twin Turbo Cadillac!!!

When it comes to building a race car there are many things that top the list or the build sheet if you will and to be honest we have seen a few in our day.

None of them however do not feature, driver comfort and this is very understandable.

These guys spend approximately 5 minutes in the driver seat including the burnout and the “drive” from the pit to the starting line, so considering this, nobody opts for any driver amenities.

This Caddy however, is in a class of its own when it comes to this, since this crazy 3000+ horsepower race car has something that we have not seen on a race car in a while, power windows.

You would think that the owner would pull the servo motors out in order to save weight but it appears that he opted against it, in order to ride in style, or (most likely) to air out his car faster after a burnout.

The focus on the video however, does not fall entirely on the power windows, instead it falls on Kevin Strobel’s Screw Blown Chevy ll Nova in the right lane which managed to do two things during this race.

Win the race, which is the reason he is here, and blow up the engine, which is the reason he will be missing or rather forfeiting the next few races.

Another thing that we noticed after the engine blew up, is the fact that Kevin went all the way to the left of the track to try and get the oil away from the middle of the track as much as he could, now that is a very considerate racer.

So check out this great video, take a look at the power windows on that Caddy, and witness the power of that blown (no pun intended) nova first hand.

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