3,500hp Camaro BREAKS LOOSE @ 200mph!!!

Take a look at this, 3,500hp Camaro BREAKS LOOSE @ 200mph!!!

In these types of sport there are many different ways to do something very dangerous, however this guy might have found the worst one.

His name is Clark and today we meet up with him at the Indy Airstrip Attack event where he is trying to get to 215 miles per hour at the half mile mark in his 2010 gen 5 Camaro which has a few tweaks on it.

When we say a few, we mean a twin turbo Steve Morris Engine which according to the owner makes more than 3500 horsepower. That’s some incredible power.

However as one tire commercial back in the day said, power is nothing without control and this is the biggest problem that they are having today.

You see, this event is held at an airfield and they are not allowed to do burnouts which means they have to get out there on cold tires, now that is something that does not mix with numbers like 200 miles per hour and 3500 hp.

This nearly proved terrible since on his first run, right at the half a mile marker his car went sideways at about 200 mph, which we can only imagine was very scary.

Luckily he pulled the shoots at the exact same instant bringing the car back in line and keeping himself and the car safe.

This prompted some strange ingenuity as you are about to see and his friend started warming the tires up with a torch in order for him to put the power down better, and hopefully achieve the planned 215 mph at this event.

Our first guess would have been to add more downforce if possible, since according to him he is spinning his tires well beyond the 1000 feet mark, so check out the video and tell us what you think.

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