Street Outlaw Reaper Last Ride, RIP Camaro!!!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaw Reaper Last Ride, RIP Camaro!!!

If you remember a few days ago we informed you that Reaper and the Orange Yenko Camaro property of James Goad AKA Reaper perished in a fire.

This happened on the way home from Reapers event, and on the way home he noticed that there are sparks flying in the rearview mirror.

He immediately pulled over to see what is going on, and found out that the whole trailer was ablaze along with the cars in it.

After a failed attempt at fighting the fire, Reaper is now left with no cars and no trailer, a real tragedy in the world of No Prep racing.

Although James vowed to get Reaper reincarnated, these are the video and the last fight that the car made against its rivals in its true form.

As luck would have it, James was behind the wheel of his favorite car spinning its wheels “in anger” against Chuck 55.

The whole event was unfortunately held at very low temperature and just how did these guys manage to get grip at a track that has not been prepped as the thermometer dipped so low is beyond us.

As you will see from the video, Reaper was finding such grip, that his front end kept launching in the air despite the power of the wheelie bars.

It is a true tragedy for something like this to happened to somebody who loves cars and the sport so much that we can only hope that he somehow lands on his feet and get things going again so we can see him at the race track or the street races next year.

Until then, we can all take a look at the video and see how did his car manage the last few pulls and how did he hold up against the competition.

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