New No Prep Interviews With Street Outlaws and more…

Take a look at this, New No Prep Interviews With Street Outlaws and more…

Once again we have Sim brining us the best news from the No Prep world as well as all the rumors that are going around about who’s building what car and for which purpose.

There are many topics he hits and one of them is the topic of the events that have been organized by Reaper versus the events that have been organized by No Prep.

There are many reasons why the attendance was much lower at Reaper’s event and first of all we must take the weather into consideration. We do understand that we might sound like we are jumping in Reapers defense, however that is a fact that the last event that he organized did not have the best weather.

We have to understand that this year has been terrible for everybody so it is not fair to compare the events from this year with events which were held in different years.

Additionally, the whole No Prep Kings Championship was scrapped meaning that none of the events were held due to Covid-19 because of the social distancing issue.

Even the NHRA had their share of trouble and we all know that they are a huge association with years and years of experience.

On the other hand, Route 66 raceway has been announcing the No Prep season for 2021, while just a month ago they did announce that there will be no events held at Route 66 raceway.

As you already know, we have been following the entire No Prep season, or whatever it was left of it in 2020 to be exact, and we have seen many confusing stuff like this.

The main reason for the confusion is the fact that nobody knows at the moment how will the 2021 season look like.

So our best advice is, keep coming back for more info and we will make sure to pass it on to you as soon as we get it, in the meantime check out Sim’s video.

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