Big Money Changes to Street Outlaws!!!

Take a look at this, Big Money Changes to Street Outlaws!!!

Sim is back as usual and today he has the 50th video on the No Prep News channel, and he is very excited, as always to bring us the few topics that he has for us.

One of his topics is sort of an extension to the topic that he has last episode which included the question, are these guys getting to fast for the streets.

Well this is actually quite a complexed question and for many reasons, the first one that comes to mind is that this is very competitive scene, and it is normal for guys to do their best to get faster and faster with each iteration.

These guys are not putting their money into their car in order to say, well that is fast enough let’s stay here at this level for the next few years, on the contrary, each part they change, each adjustment they make to the car has the same purpose, to get the car faster from the starting line to the finish line.

The good news about this is the fact that along with the newest technologies that work in the favor of speed, they keep upgrading the safety systems and the cars these days are much safer than five years ago, just like they are much faster than they were five years ago.

This particular year we had quite a few high speed accidents and the best part about it is the fact that from all that, the drivers walked away with minor injuries, proving the fact that chassis builders are taking the task of protecting the driver, very seriously, kudos to them.

So, what are the other few topics that Sim wants to talk to you about?

Well check out the video and let him tell you all about it himself.

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