3000hp Dyno Explosion of Master Shredder!!!

Take a look at this, 3000hp Dyno Explosion of Master Shredder!!!

The world of tuning is a very interesting to say the least and this video is definitely one to prove it.

Today’s vide features a 6.7L Cummins diesel engine, who’s modifications might have gone a bit wrong.

The truck was running fine for quite a while and then all of a sudden it suffered one of the biggest engine failures we have seen in a while.

For a minute there it was obvious that something is wrong with the engine since the truck was sputtering and spewing out different colors of smoke, however it seemed that everybody but the owner realized this and it was him that decided to push it all the way thru hopping for the best.

The first question that came to mind was, why aren’t there any fans that would help the engines cool while on top of this dyno.

Maybe they though that keeping them elevated was enough for the engines to pull in colder air thru their cooling system, but we think that this might have not been enough, thus the spectacular explosion of the engine.

The second question that we have is, why aren’t they wearing any protection clothes, knowing the fact that the dyno creates just as much stress on the engine as a full power run, during which nearly everybody is wearing full protection gear.

The last thing that caught our eye is the fact that the driver nearly fell under the rear tire and got seriously injured, while trying to escape the inferno that he created.

 There are many things that are wrong with this video and we honestly hope that whoever organizes such an event in the future takes much better care of the safety of the participants, as well as the safety of the vehicles, since zero cooling is a real recipe for disaster.


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