Big Chief vs Kye Kelley and The Biggest Street Outlaws Race Ever !!!

Take a look at this, Big Chief vs Kye Kelley and The Biggest Street Outlaws Race Ever !!!

Once again we have Sim here to talk us thru the newest things that are happening in the street racing world and just like many times before he has a few subjects that he wants to talk about.

One of the subjects is Doc and the Street Beast.

As you probably have heard already, Doc was in a terrible crash and now the Street Beast needs quite a few things done to it before it can get back on the streets or at any track in order to race.

It is obvious that Doc is in a tight spot since we all know that many of these guys sink nearly all the money they have into these cars, so with the funds running low or near empty he is now down to racing his daily driver Monte Carlo, but he is still glad to be racing at all.

That’s a really good attitude and we applaud Doc for keeping it all positive, keep it up Doc.

The main topic of today’s video made by Sim is of course the lineup of the newest Street Outlaws show, which for some might sound controversial and some might consider it right on the money.

We will let Sim tell you the full line up however we will give you our opinion on the ones that made the cut and the ones that did not.

The first one that we want to comment is Jeff Lutz and Larry Larson.

We know that Jeff Lutz has been on the streets all of his life and we kinda feel that he should have been included in this, just like Larry Larson who’s a real OG street racer.

Check out the video, see the cars that have made the cut and tell us what you think about it in the comment section.

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