Bringing Back The Chief and Shawn Show!!!

Check this, Bringing Back The Chief and Shawn Show!!!

Sim is all over the place today and is telling us so many different information that we are not sure that the tittle is right.

The idea however behind this is actually quite good because Chief and Shawn have been the two guys that have stuck thru a lot over the years while filming the Street Outlaws show managing to work together during the worst situations so to see them in a show together is always nice.

As we have already said, all the other racers are starting to pick up on their social media activities and there are many reasons for this.

The biggest one is the actual situation that we are in with this terrible flu which has been preventing fans to keep up with the drivers and their cars live at events so all they have to rely on is the pictures or videos that these guys post.

There is no doubt that some of it is a result from the show because we are sure the producers would hate for the fans to be left out in the dark, instead this way the get to see who is doing what and what is there to expect once the show airs.

You may even consider these videos and live streams as somewhat of a preview before the show comes along.

Additionally, Sim talks about how long does it take these guys to build a car, and this is actually a very difficult question to answer because there have been guys like Big Chief who managed to build his cars in an incredible 6 days, and yet there are guys that have been building their machine for about a year.

So once again we invite you to check out Sim’s newest video and find out all the new stuff directly from him, enjoy.

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