Billy The Kid is Building New Street / No Prep MONSTER!!!

Check this, Billy The Kid is Building New Street / No Prep MONSTER!!!

Many of us know him as the kid with the twin turbo S10 or as Billy The Kid, and the latter nickname is pretty self-explanatory.

This guy was racing ever since he was a kid and thanks to his dad who helps him on all of his builds he has been a very successful and popular street racer.

Well not to badmouth the S10 that he has been running but it seems that Billy has outgrown it and is now ready for something much faster.

The choice is something that he has been watching for quite a while, and when we say for quite a while we are actually being modest because the first memories that he has from this car are back when he was just eight years old.

This was the very first turbo charged car that he had seen at the dragstrip and it immediately won his heart.

These days the Chevy Nova is not in its best state that it has been for quite a while and just getting it to be a rolling chassis took quite a lot of work and a decent amount of cash.

Eventually, the car will be running at No Prep events however at the moment it is missing a complete drivetrain and that means that Billy and his dad have a long way to go before this car hits the streets or any other event for that part.

This vehicle has been running mid sevens about fifteen years ago, according to Billy and that means that the chassis can take a lot of power so we are sure that he would like to make it even faster these days, so check out the video and see what are his plans for the vehicle and when we can expect to see it make a pull.

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