Murder Nova’s ’55 Chevy Dyno Run, Non-Intercooled F1x Procharger on a 416ci LS!!!

Check this, Murder Nova’s ’55 Chevy Dyno Run, Non-Intercooled F1x Procharger on a 416ci LS!!!

The 187 Customs YouTube channel is one of the most popular channels owned by any of the Street Outlaws OKC and there are many reasons for this.

First of all, the channel that features nearly all the videos from the mega popular Murder Nova and her owner Shawn Ellington, and that is hard to beat when it comes to street cars.

Today they are on the move and are headed to Midwest City Oklahoma to see the guys at the Abel Racing and let them give the car a bit of a shakedown, or a stress test if you will.

Of course as Shawn explains this car is not done yet because they have not installed an intercooler meaning that the hot air will not be cooled on the way to the cylinder, which in turn means less air mass and less fuel and understandably less power.

Since this is the first time that the 1955 Chevy is going to the dyno shop it is expected for things to go wrong and for small things to bother the crew in their quest for a full throttle pull, and a stretched throttle cable is one of those little things that will stop you amidst a pull but also easily fixable.

If for a moment you are not impressed by the number provided by these pulls, let us remind you that they are not going for a top number today, they are playing things safe and are trying not to hurt the engine due to the lack of an intercooler.

Pull after pull however, numbers do start picking up and by the end of the video we can see Shawn smiling about the results which is always good news, so check out this video and see what the ’55 Chevy is capable off.

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