HUGE Impala Hoard Barn Find, The Story of his Best Find Ever, FIVE IMPALAS (1959 & 1960)!!!

Take a look at this HUGE Impala Hoard Barn Find, The Story of his Best Find Ever, FIVE IMPALAS (1959 & 1960)!!!

There are many different stories about people purchasing old cars and this one is as good as any. The main reason for this is the fact that in order for this guy to be able to purchase one impala, he had to purchase four other ones as well.

The whole story starts back in 2016 when the actual owner of these cars was purchasing some parts from the guy from the IowaClassicCars YouTube Channel.

Who knew that after years of working on such cars, he would be tired of the whole thing and would offer the cars up for sale, the lot of them.

The original idea of his was that he would purchase all these Impalas and year after year he would work on them one by one and keep restoring them, and selling them.

The progress apparently was not at the expected pace and at some point the cars ended up in his possession for more than four decades, without leaving the yard.

Old age and a mishap however, often changes a man’s heart so once again faith intervened and after a back injury the old man decided to throw in the towel, and get rid of all these cars, lucky for us to a guy that does not mind filming the entire process and letting us see what is what.

Another very interesting fact that the guy tells us is, when you are transporting cars like these on trailers and make the inevitable pit stop, people are happy to talk to you about the cars and are honestly curious where you got them and what the story behind them is.

So once again check out this great video and see for yourself what the state of these cars is, and let’s wish the owner good luck in getting them back on the road.

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