What’s Next For Big Chief’s The Crowmod!!!

Take a look at this, What’s Next For Big Chief’s The Crowmod!!!

It was during the 2015 PRI Show, when everybody wanted to get closer to the WELD booth for the sole reason that there stood a white 1968 Pontiac Firebird-themed Pro Mod owned by no other than Big Chief himself.

Everybody from the crowd wanted to know as much as Big Chief would tell them in order as to what to expect once they see this car in action, but by the looks of it, it looked very, very fast.

The reason for the build was simple, he needed to go faster than ever and the best way to do it was to bring less weight to the pavement and that meant bringing in Pro Mods to the streets of the 405.

In hindsight the whole deal was terribly wrong because as we said many times before, these cars belong at the track and not on the streets, and the biggest problem with them is their actual strength.

The speed of these vehicles is what had gotten them on the show, and pretty soon it was obvious that they are just too fast and too dangerous for the streets, and need to go back to where they belong, the track.

As a result, nearly all of the drivers went back to heavier slower cars, rendering the Crowmod just like all the other Pro Mods that were being used on the streets, useless once again, at least for list racing.

There has been speculation about what the drivers are going to do with these cars, and just like many times before the question is raised by Sim and his viewers as to what is happening with these cars at the moment and are they using them for any sort of racing.

So check out Sim’s video and see what he has to say on this topic.

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