They Set The Dragy World Record With A Pro Mod!!!

Take a look at this, They Set The Dragy World Record With A Pro Mod!!!

In case you have somehow missed it so far, a Dragy is a very cheap tool that measures your car’s performance thanks to a combination of accelerometer and GPS sensors.

Compared to the competition they are extremely cheap and yet they claim to be as accurate as they come, so today these guys decided to put them to a real test.

They are about to put the device inside a Pro Mod and send it down the track while still keeping time using the track’s regular equipment.

These guys were already at the track doing shakedown runs with their Pro Mod and now they decided that there must be a record run for the Dragy because there are just not enough cars out there that can reach zero to sixty in less than a second, or at least that’s what we think this Pro Mod will do, over and over again.

Since this device was made generally for road cars, nobody is absolutely positive that the data will even be logged inside a purebred race car like this Pro Mod due to the sheer violent ride that this thing provides and due to the possible tire shake that might occur on the run.

However, it seems that after the initial run, there should be no doubting this brilliant device that managed to log in all data as promised and without missing a beat at that.

 As for the times and for the actual comparison to real race equipment, we still think that it is best if you check out the video because, it will appreciate the sturdiness of Dragy and to be honest, the results, because this thing is proving to be one very good deal, if you frequent the track, or you happen to do a few pulls on the street.

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