“I Came To Buy Some Cars And I Ended Up Buying An Entire Mancave” !!!

Now that’s a story, Fast N’ Loud owner Richard “I Came To Buy Some Cars And I Ended Up Buying An Entire Mancave” !!!

Argyle, Texas is our destination today, as we join two guys that we have been seeing on the screen for quite a while, in a similar situation, as once again Richard Rawlings ends up in somebody’s garage looking for a few cars that he can purchase.

We all enjoy him doing this and not just for the sake of entertainment, but for the better deeper cause, which for most part includes a car that has been stuck in somebody’s garage, now gets liberated and gets to be driven like it was originally intended.

  Yes, he makes a few bucks here and there, and some might think that he underpays for some cars, but that is the nature of his business, and this is how he has been operating for years now, because there is nobody in the business of flipping cars that got rich by paying top dollar every time, for every vehicle.


This time however, it seems that they will not be “robbing” the place, instead it appears that the owner has a few cars and he knows very well what he has which is kinda bad news for Richard.

Not all cars are as advertised as it happens and this time his crew stumbles upon a Mustang with all the wrong things on it, apart from the price that is, and they do the reasonable thing which is backing away from it and leaving it for somebody else to take a stab at it.

Check out this great video which has all the thrills of purchasing a car and even more because as the tittle says these guys will be driving away with much more than just a vehicle because he finds crazy interesting things like a monkey which would be a great addition to their image and their garage.

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