Street Outlaws Reaper New Car Reveal!!!

Check this, Street Outlaws Reaper New Car Reveal!!!

For quite a while, we have had James Goad in our talking subjects and unfortunately the latest few have been terribly wrong especially with his cars burning down to a total heap of unusable metal.

However we all know James AKA Reaper as being one of the most stubborn and persistent racers in the entire No Prep scene and this time we have him on video with his huge to do list.

The famous YouTube Channel National No Prep Racing Association is with him today and they are about to find out tons more about what James has been up to and what are the thing that he is working on these days.

It turns out that he has been keeping very busy and is currently working on a car that has always been a drag week car, and has swapped hands back and forth a few times, which Reaper is happy to explain.

Amongst other things that Reaper talks about in the video is the time that he met Jeff Lutz, a guy that we all know that will stay in his life for quite a while, for better or worse.

Additionally, the engine that is in this same vehicle that he is presenting was the same motor that he used inside the Reaper at some times which is great, because it just proves that this engine can deliver whatever the application.

We all know that Reaper has some daring times ahead of him, meaning he will be working very hard after the accident that caused him to lose two race cars in the same day, and the best thing about this is that he still has the hunger for racing after all this trouble, and that is something that demands respect.

So check out the video and see what else he has in store.

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