Incredible find with over 1,000 Cars in the Marsh!!!

Take a look at this, Incredible find with over 1,000 Cars in the Marsh!!!

Many times we have talked about Mother Nature wining in the battle of cars being left outside to decay, and this time it seems that we have found the ultimate example of this.

The story actually begins in February however due to a misplaced memory card the video was unavailable for nearly a year even for the guy who made it, the guy is actually from the famous YouTube channel DezzysSpeedShop.

After recording the video the memory card vanished and it resurfaced a few days ago, just in time for him to edit the video and make it available at the end of the year.

The actual tittle might sound like an overkill because many times we have heard about a thousand cars being parked however this time we think the number might be even bigger than what the tittle suggests.

As it often happens with these things, the father collected the cars over the course of many years, and after his passing now the son in law decided to sell them all.

In fairness as you are about to see many of the cars unfortunately are not going to be saved because like we mentioned already, nature has taken over many of them and they have decayed far beyond restoration.

However the sheer number of cars out there means that some of them will be great donor cars, and some are bound to be rescued and given a fresh start in life hopefully making somebody very happy for being behind the wheel of a real classic car.

The variety of the cars is also something to behold because there are some real gems out there, and from what we saw, nearly every model of American Classic cars is out there in some of these fields, so check out this video and maybe you can spot you favorite car, amongst them.

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