405 Show Comeback & Huge 64 Car Street Outlaws Cash Days Show!!!

Take a look at this, 405 Show Comeback & Huge 64 Car Street Outlaws Cash Days Show!!!

Unlike most times it seems that this time we are coming to you with some precise information, and the best info that we are happy to share, is about our favorite show, The Street Outlaws OKC is coming back on Monday January 11 and we can’t wait to see the first episode.

For the real die-hard fans of the show, this has been a long time without a single episode and we do understand how that feels so this is why we have tried over and over again to bring you the best news about these guys we could dig up.

It was not easy to say the least, because there has been so many rumors out there and there have been so much misinformation about the show and the how, when and in what format it is going to air.

So far as we are told there won’t be any major changes to the programing of the show, confirming the already well known concept of street racing for the popular OKC list. We are pretty sure that they will be going out of town once again, as well as calling people over from other areas, in order to settle who is the fastest team on the streets of America.

So far we believe we have kept you up to date with the biggest changes that were going on in the OKC as well as bringing you all the info about their cars and how fast they are compared to their teammates or the competition.

Additionally, the video informs us about a different show which should be airing soon and this one does sound rather interesting to say the least, because we are talking about a 64-car race in the form of Cash Days which really sounds huge, so check out the video and see what this is about.

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