Big Chiefs New Car For No Prep Kings Part 2!!!

Take a look at this, Big Chiefs New Car For No Prep Kings Part 2!!!

We are not sure that Sim has done this before, and to be honest it seems that he is not sure either if something like this has been done on his show, and the reason for this is once again Big Chief and his new ride.

Originally Sim made an episode about Big Chief and his new car, and to be honest we thought that due to lack of information this will be it when it comes to the new car, however we are pleased to see that there is more to tell.

It appears that as soon as Sim aired the episode, there were bunch of people that came out with new information on this topic, and yes we do understand that not everything you read on the internet is real or necessarily true, but if Sim says that there is something here, well we have to believe him.

The word on the street is that Big Chief will be following the footsteps of Ryan Martin who now has two race cars, one strictly for the street and one designated for winning No Prep Kings.

In the past few seasons, guys that were racing on the street had to change the entire setup before they can race at the track for the No Prep Kings Championship, and we even have Chief saying that this is not easy at all.

Switching back and forth is not something that you can do with a push of a button, meaning that these guys had to work their ass off in order to get the car ready for street racing one weekend, and from there go home to get ready for track racing the next.

So check out the video and let Sim tell you all the info that he has gathered about Big Chief’s new car.

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