Street Outlaw Battle Murder Nova vs Fireball Camaro!!!

Check this, Street Outlaw Battle Murder Nova vs Fireball Camaro!!!

Over the years we have seen many grudge races, and to put it mildly, many of them were not really friendly to watch.

This one actually is, because Shawn and Ryan might not be the best of buddies, but they are in the same team when it comes to the 405 racing other guys.

While there are a few other races that are featured in the video, there is no doubt that the real treat is the actual race between Shawn Ellington in the Murder Nova and Ryan Martin in the Fireball Camaro.

This is the real deal off the trailer race, and these are probably one of the most famous cars at the entire No Prep scene, and we are big fans of both cars.

No matter how much we like both cars, fact is that there can be only one winner and only one of them will be able to get to the finish line first.

Lately we have been seeing the Murder Nova go in a straight line much more often than what it used to, and that proves that Shawn has been doing his homework and has been fine tuning the car properly.

On the other hand, the Fireball Camaro is nothing if not consistent, and we believe this thing can get from A to B even in the worst conditions, and being only the second pair on the track after all that rain is probably one of the worst conditions you can get. Especially if the race is straight off the trailer.

So before you watch the race, tell us in the comment section which one do you think will get the win and the bragging rights.

Will Shawn be able to beat Ryan, or will the Fireball Camaro end up winning one more time against the Murder Nova?

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