Twin Turbo Firebird Power Reels in a Win!!!

Take a look at this, Twin Turbo Firebird Power Reels in a Win!!!

In these hard times there are many things that we have to change in order to stay safe for us and for our families, and one of them that we miss the most are the street races that we used to frequent.

In order to help you and ourselves in this situation we are taking you to Hartshorne, Oklahoma for some real street racing.

The video is featuring the finals from the small tire races where we find some well-known names like The Mistress and Sideshow and quite a few other racers that are trying to make their mark and have their name heard on the streets.

Amongst them is a Firebird which is powered by a twin turbo setup and today he is on fire, crushing the competition.

However, these are the finals and here he needs to show some real power and keep those small tires sticking to the road if he wants to get to the top spot on this event.

The fight between grip and power is always very complex and even more so when it comes to small tires at the street, because these things have so much power, they could spin the tires all the way to the finish line.

Getting them to grip, now that is the real hard part.

At the same time, turning down the power might get you in trouble at the far end, and you just might get passed almost at the finish line.

Something that the Twin Turbo Firebird will be trying to do during the final of the race.

As soon as the light turns on, it is obvious that this will be a chase game all the way to the finish line, but will he have enough power to real him in at the last second or will the holeshot decide the winner?

As always play the video and find out for yourself.

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