Tupac’s Custom ’61 Impala Lowrider from To Live and Die in LA!!

Take a look at this, Tupac’s Custom ’61 Impala Lowrider from To Live and Die in LA!!

Today we bring you something different, and by different we mean something that was actually very popular once upon a time.

We are talking about a car which was featured in a video from the famous rapper Tupac Shakur and his song To Live and Die in LA.

During most of the video, Tupac is being driven in this gorgeous looking lowrider and now we get to bring you more details about this amazing vehicle.

Since this video was recorded quite a while back, it was clear that the car needed work before it was going to be able to be camera ready once again.

With this in mind, once the new owner purchased it at the beginning of this year, there was much to do and he decided that he has to start with the gearbox which was nearly completely stuck.

From there the new owner decided to invest quite a few bucks in the hydraulics system in order to make sure that this lowrider gets the best parts that are on sale at the moment.

According to him, the original 283 engine is still in the vehicle however the few things that were changed on the engine are not as top-spec as he would want them to be.

His idea is to take this car on a drive from LA all the way to Las Vegas, which for a lowrider is quite a task if we are being honest.

The new owner Also known as LLOYD, loves this car so much that he cannot stop talking about it and what made our day even more is the fact that his sun is into cars as well, meaning that there are plenty of generations of car lovers to come, and we truly appreciate that.

So check out this legendary car and see the state that it is in now after all those year, believe us you won’t be disappointed.

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