Daddy Dave’s New Car and Setup!!!

Take a look at this, Daddy Dave’s New Car and Setup!!!

Once again Sim is back to give us the best news that we can get about the whole No Prep scene however terrible the situation might be at the moment.

No matter how gloom things might seem at the moment with nearly no races or events being held, and definitely no No Prep Kings championship, there are still folks out there that are trying to make their cars faster, or at least keep them in shape for the next race whenever, and wherever it might happen.

As always one of them is Daddy Dave and there seem to be something peculiar going on with the Goliath, because after telling everybody that he is going to fit the biggest “bat” under the hood, it looks like he decided to go back, in order to go forward at a faster pace.

What we are talking about is the fact that a few seasons back Daddy Dave decided to ditch the procharger because he had reached the size limit which he can fit in his car, and decided to go forward with a twin turbo setup.

We have talked about this quite a few times and we were hoping that he gets it all dialed in no time and get back to winning races and climbing the list.

These things did not happen and he kept struggling with the twin turbo setup for quite a while and it seems that he is now tired of doing this.

Meaning that according to the newest info, Daddy Dave is going back to Procharger in order to go forward at a much faster and more consistent pace just like he used to before the switch to the twin turbo setup.

To find out more about Daddy Dave and his ride, as well as other news in the No Prep scene, check out the video bellow.

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