Street Outlaws Daddy Dave Stole Big Marcs Mustang!!!

Check this, Street Outlaws Daddy Dave Stole Big Marcs Mustang!!!

It’s a pretty simple yet a very cool deal in this video.

Big Marc and Daddy Dave have been friends quarter of a century and amongst the pile of cars that Marc owns, there is a Mustang that he loves and holds dear.

The wheels on the Mustang however have been outdated for about two decades ago, and yet Big Marc is not even thinking about changing them.

This is something that Daddy Dave and the rest of their friends’ hate about his car and they keep pushing him to swap the rims out.

Marc apparently does not want to spend money on new wheels so his friends are stuck with the sight of those outdated rims on his car.

Desperately wanting those wheels gone, Dave and the crew take drastic measures and decide to steal Marc’s Mustang and fit is with brand new modern wheels for his birthday, in order to surprise him.

Check out this great video and see his reaction once he finds out what happened to his car.

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