59′ Corvette Found in Georgia Left Rotting for Years….

Check this, 59′ Corvette Found in Georgia Left Rotting for Years….

Many of the barn find stories begin the same way.

Some random guy who knows a guy tells the rescuers about an incredible story of a car and people go out of their way to check out the authenticity of the story and also to check out the car that is hiding somewhere.

This one is pretty much the same, and this time it is a gentleman that had parked his ‘Vette in the garage about six decades ago and the car has not moved since then.

The particular model at hand was built in 1959 (don’t ask us about the 60 years parked if it’s a ’59) and it is a fuel injected engine which is pretty rare for a car that old.

There are many things that are cool about this car and no matter how hard we try we could never tell you about all of them successfully until you check them out for yourself, so play the video and see this amazing American Classic.

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