Kye Kelleys New Car For No Prep Kings!!!

Take a look at this, Kye Kelleys New Car For No Prep Kings!!!

A little while back we talked about Kye Kelley selling his new car and the many reasons behind this move.

As you remember back then we did hint that the new car will be screw blown which is basically a Roots-type blower on steroids.

The principle is the same, however the screw blower has a much more aggressive design.

This change comes after many, many years of running one of the fastest nitrous blown street cars and we feel that it will be a welcomed change for Kye Kelley and the entire NOLA team.

As you are about to find out from Sim, Kye Kelley might not be the only one building a screw blower type of car, instead rumors are pointing to his better half doing the same thing.

Yes, Lizzy Musi is headed in the same direction as her boyfriend and is building a similar machine which will be entering races come spring, and of course try and win the title that she missed in No Prep Kings last season to Ryan Martin.

We are kinda curious how Pat Musi, the legend of drag racing is taking all this considering that they are both moving away from his specialty which is building a nitrous motor, however we are sure that he will manage to find a way to forgive his daughter and his future son in law.

Other topics that Sim wanted to cover is the fact that JJ’s show has been slowly moving away from the guys on his team, and has been giving more and more air time to the girls that are part of the Street Outlaws Memphis show.

So as always we invite you to check out Sim’s video and find out all that he knows about the changes in the NOLA lineup as well as any other news from the No Prep scene.

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