KING of the Atlanta Streets!!!

This is the KING of the Atlanta Streets!!!

The title might be telling you where this video is about to take you, but it is not telling you what you are about to see in it.

We are following the 1320video YouTube channel down to Atlanta where a serious street race is about to be organized in a hurry.

There are many vehicles that are the potential trophy car in the bunch like the Terminator Cobra whose paint looks like it is about to strike at the car in the next lane, or the Nitrous Corvette which sounds amazing however it seems that a “Frankenstein” might be amongst them, and it is about to “terrorize the village”.

We are talking about a something that was built in a garage in England and it was named the Ariel Atom.

The incredibly simple dual ladder design gave it a chassis strong enough it can handle the top spec 3.0-liter V-8 with astonishing 500 horse power.

The option that this Atom-like kit car is powered by is the Cobalt SS engine with a few tweaks and turns which gives it such incredible power to weight ratio that it can step up to cars like a supercharged Lamborghini Huracan, and give it quite the run for its money.

Additionally, the owner has been improving on the aerodynamic part of the original kit car and is now in possession of some serious downforce which is “magically” producing grip with almost no negative effect on acceleration.

In order to try and understand the brutality of the acceleration of this vehicle which might, or might not resemble an air-conditioning unit when viewed from the rear we urge you to play the video and wait until the end, where a seasoned cameraman in this field explains the severity of this incredible, semi legal beast of a vehicle, enjoy.

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