The Biggest Change We’ve Ever Seen In Street Outlaws!!!

Check this, The Biggest Change We’ve Ever Seen In Street Outlaws!!!

Once again we have Sim’s video where he brings us the best news from the street racing world and as always Sim does not disappoint.

In today’s video he starts a topic about why many of the guys from the Street Outlaws show started making their own videos.

The reason it pretty simple, many of these guys are now getting so popular that their audience loves seeing what they are building and what they are talking about.

Nearly all of the 405 guys already have their own YouTube channels and are getting more and more popular by the day and for good reason.

One of the most popular amongst them must be 187 Customs, where Shawn Ellington posts all of the stuff from the mega popular Murder Nova, one of the most famous cars in the 405 lineup as well as the entire Street Outlaws scene.

 Initially there was some content that Big Chief and Shawn (Murder Nova) Ellington started producing and posting themselves, however this was so controlled by the Street Outlaws producers that these guys were not even allowed to mention the show on their channel.

These days nearly everybody that is affiliated with the racing world has their channel and there are many reasons for this.

The biggest one amongst them is the fact that people these days don’t just sit and wait for the TV stations to show them the content that they want to see, instead most of us use YouTube nearly as often as watching TV and choose the content ourselves every day.

Additionally, with the Covid-19 situation this year, we all had time to kill at home and did not have the opportunity to see our favorite race cars and their drivers live, so we had to rely on them posting content.

So check out Sim’s video and find out more about this and more in this week’s video.   

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