What is Paul Teutul Sr Net Worth from American Chopper in 2021!?

Take a look at this, What is Paul Teutul Sr Net Worth from American Chopper in 2021!?

We first took a glimpse into their lives back in 2002 when their first show started to air, and were immediately glued to the TV screens.

Back then, most of the reality TV seldom featured guys that are building machines and we all started following their show.

Over the years we had a character that is fun to watch and when you combine that with the great bikes that these guys were building there was no limit to their success.

Years went by and tempers started to flair between Paul Teutul Senior and Paul Teutul Junior.

While this was great for the producers and the audience which loved the drama, it turned out that it is not going so well for the entire family.

Many might be able to put their differences aside and separate their professional life with their personal one, however it was soon apparent that these guys were not acting and they were fighting for real.

After tons and tons of fights and disagreements, there was no other way than for them to separate and start working in two different companies.

However, things did not end there as it appears because even after they went their separate ways, Junior decided that he will sue Senior asking for compensation for the company that he helped build.

Once things get to court and lawyers grab their share of the deals, it’s obvious that there will a huge amount of money spent and that could not be good news for Paul Teutul Senior, so his finances did receive a major blow after this.

Once this was all said and done, Junior and Senior did manage to settle their differences and tried to work together once again, for about two seasons.

So to find out how that turned out and how much money Senior has these days, check out the video.

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