Dodge Challenger Tries To Race A Tesla Model 3, Quickly Realizes He Made A Huge Mistake!

Check this, Dodge Challenger Tries To Race A Tesla Model 3, Quickly Realizes He Made A Huge Mistake!

Once again we have some disturbing footage of a terrible crash which involves a Dodge Challenger which appears to be racing a Tesla Model 3.

Now the first thing that come to mind is, why would you race an electric car especially in a Challenger, you should not be taking that challenge for many different reasons.

The most important one is that you are not safe when racing on public roads and what is even worse is the fact that doing it on streets full of traffic is even more dangerous for all of the cars around you.

Disregarding all these rules it appears that these two guys decided against fair judgement and threw caution and safety out of the window and went for a full throttle pissing contest which as many often do, ends with a lot of damage to a car as well as the ego.

There is no doubt that the Tesla Model 3 driver did not see the Challenger’s um well, challenge and it is obvious that he was accelerating as fast as he can in order to stay ahead of the Dodge swerving to avoid the SUV in front of them.

According to the narrator of the video, the Tesla driver did not see what happened to the Challenger until he got home and checked out the video feed from his car which is automatically recorded on the newer Tesla models if certain parameters have been achieved, like sudden steering input, emergency braking, collision warnings etc.

So once again we have to repeat the same boring sentence that all the racing should be done at the track where the safety regulations have been made, instead of the open road where eve-changing conditions do not allow for street racing, so check out the video and don’t race on the street.

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