The Return of No Prep Kings, News and Updates!!!

Check this, The Return of No Prep Kings, News and Updates!!!

As usual it is time to bring you the best No Prep News there is on the scene and the best way to do it is thanks to Sim and his video.

Many topics to cover today and the first one that caught our attention was that Scott Tylor has told the world that he is building another car, specifically for No Prep racing and to be honest that was a nice surprise considering the results that he was bringing to us with the two cars that he already owns.

Both Track Doe and John Doe have been at their best and he has been competing with the best of the best and often came up on top.

Lucky for us however not only we will get to see John Doe and Track Doe with Scott Tylor behind the wheel we will get to see a third car which we can justifiably expect to be faster than the other two.

Unfortunately, we do not have any information about the type of vehicle that he will be building nor the setup that he will be using to power it.

There are rumors that John Doe might be going on small tires, use Track Doe for street racing and the brand new one will be strictly for No Prep racing.

Whatever he decides to do, we have to admit that we are happy that there will be even more cars and faster than ever in the game and that will make the racing more competitive and the races will be much more interesting the watch.

To find out more about all the stuff that is happening in the No Prep racing scene and to hear what Sim has to say about the main topic as well as other news, as always play the video.

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