Dude Crashes His Brand New Hellcat 30 Minutes After Pulling Out Of The Dealership!!!

Take a look at this, Dude Crashes His Brand New Hellcat 30 Minutes After Pulling Out Of The Dealership!!!

If someone would ask you what was you dream car, all of us would have an answer within a second, and for most of us there would be even a top ten list sitting in the back of our mind just in case.

In the first part of the video we find a gentleman which has purchased his beloved dream car, a brand new Hellcat.

We can all appreciate his new purchase and we are happy to see him live his dream.


With a top figure upwards of 700 horsepower this beast would put a smile on everybody’s face and an ownership would be considered a privilege by most of us, if we are being fair.

This lucky guy finds himself behind the wheel of this monster and does what most of us would probably do, stab the “go pedal” all the way to the floor in order to see what this baby can actually do.

Unfortunately, he found out the hard way that this “baby” is incredibly fast, and requires some skill and very fast reflexes in order to keep it pointed at the right direction, and keep it going where you were initially wanted it to.

It appears that this unlucky fellow crashed his beloved dream car within half an hour after driving it off the dealer’s lot, and did so very bad because as you are about to see he tore the rear axle clean off a SRT Jeep which was parked at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

So take a look at this video which we hope will help you remember that powerful cars are to be treated with big respect and need a longer adjustment period in order to be tamed and gotten used to, because inexperienced drivers can get hurt in them, and possibly injure somebody else.


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