Man sells EVERYTHING to Drag Race & live in his Trailer!!!

Check this story, Man sells EVERYTHING to Drag Race & live in his Trailer!!!

If you’ve been around racers for long enough, we are sure that you have heard how some of them are ready to sell everything and just go racing for a year with the money they will get for it.

We have heard it a dozen times in our life, however we have never met somebody that actually put his money where his mouth is and did it.

They call him Danny Diesel and he did what many have thought of doing over the years, and many have promised that they will do it as some point of their life.

Danny did it all, he sold his house and everything that he can sell, and invested his money into a race truck and a trailer for it, and is now living in them.

The plan was to sell it all and make it kinda a road trip year, during which he would hop over from one race track to another and race each weekend and drive to the next race and work on his truck the rest of the week.

Unfortunately for him, this was the year that the Kovid-19 struck, so many of the races got canceled leaving him with no events and venues to go to in order for him to race his truck, against the other enthusiasts.

We are sure that he would have tons of stories after this is all said and done, and his idea behind this move was to inspire people to go ahead and do what they were always dreaming of doing.

According to him, he is now living his dream and working about thirty hours a week on his truck and the rest of the time he is behind its wheel making it to the next event that he entered for the upcoming weekend.

Check out the video and hear Donny Diesel’s story.

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