Twin Turbo Wagon Gets Loose at Dirty South No Prep!!!

Check this, Twin Turbo Wagon Gets Loose at Dirty South No Prep!!!

It began life as a very popular grocery getter, and we are sure somebody was very happy with it doing what it was built to do, make grocery runs, take the kids to soccer practice or whatever the family needed.

The huge trunk was welcoming to pets of all sizes however, apparently somebody along the way thought of a great idea, get this car a huge engine under the hood and take it racing.

Today we find this grocery getter far from its comfort zone as he entered the small tire class during the Dirty South No Prep event which was held at the Alamo Motorplex located in San Antonio, Texas.

It came here in order to make sure that it will prove that it can fight with the big boys in the small tire class and prove that with the twin snails it is faster than the rest of the lineup that entered the class.

Not all goes to plan as you are about to see and this once comfortable family car gets very, very sideways at the track.

Luckily it appears that this is not the first time that he driver needs to be seesawing at the wheel in order to keep the front end pointed at the end of the track, which helps him get the car back in line although he end up in the wrong lane.

It could have been much worse and he could have ended up in the wall, but some good driving skills were displayed and he got to race the next day as well.

 During the next day, he had to go up against a guy from the Black Sheep Mafia and in order to find out how did he do against him, as always we urge you to check out the video.

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