Street Outlaws Doc Is Done Racing!!!

Check this, Street Outlaws Doc Is Done Racing!!!

As always Sim is here to tell us what is the newest in the street racing world and today there are quite a few topics that he would like to bring up to your attention.

The first one that we start with is something truly different from the stuff we are used to write about.

AZN and Farmtruck are apparently building an electric race car intended for street racing, as well as drag racing.

Before you discard this as a terrible idea, give us a minute to explain why this does make sense.

The biggest reason that electric cars are so fast, and that it is very hard to beat them off the line with a normal internal combustion engine, is the fact that electric motors all have one thing in common, and that is producing 100% of their available torque, at 0 rpm.

So unlike the internal combustion engine whose power is produced at peak or nearly at the peak of the engine speed, this thing is literally most powerful when it is stationary.

With all that power being produced literally off the line, these things are able to launch with severe brutality, and for a brief moment, electric cars even held the record as the fastest production car from 0 to 60 miles per hour with the Tesla Model S Performance with the Ludacris mode on.

Now we know that these guys know a lot about racing and building cars, however this knowledge that can only be applied in the chassis department and they will need to learn fast about electric motors and inverters and stuff like that.

We honestly can’t wait to see what these guys will come up with, so check out the video and find out more about their project, and find out more about what is up with Doc not racing anymore.

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