Drag Racing WRECKS & Wild Rides 2021 Compilation!!!

Take a look at this, Drag Racing WRECKS & Wild Rides 2021 Compilation!!!

Before the tittle confuses you, we would like to explain the year.

This is a compilation of one of the wildest rides and crashes unfortunately from the 2020 season.

When we first saw the tittle we realized that there haven’t been enough races in order to produce a compilation video of 2021 and after checking it out we decided to tell you this so there will be no confusion.

 As always we would like to put your mind at ease and tell you that all of the drivers are OK and are unharmed, and all of the vehicles were built for racing along with all the necessary protection gear installed which apparently has done its job and protected the drivers.

You are about to see some serious driving skill as you would expect from racers, and there are quite a few worth mentioning like the guy in the White Fox Body Mustang, or the gray Mustang which barely touched the wall and got away with just skinning the paint.

Come to think of it, this is something that we are do not see very often, because in the past few years we got so used to guys in Mustangs spinning out of control and often even into the crowd, but it seems that the videos worked and these Mustang drivers have gotten the reins back in their hands.

Another impressive race is the one with the Camaro that popped his shoots open at the starting line, which is supposedly a malfunction, however we have heard of grudge races where people have bet that they would win while dragging the shoot behind the entire race.

So check out this great video and see for yourself if this was just a regular malfunction or was there a bet involved in the race.

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