Street Outlaws Kamikaze’s New Car and The Fate Of The Elco!!!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws Kamikaze’s New Car and The Fate Of The Elco!!!

Sim is back as always and appropriately he has many information that he would like to share with us and as always he starts with his comments which seem to point in the same direction which is away from JJ Da Boss and Street Outlaws Memphis.

From those, it is obvious that most of the guys which are watching these videos think that JJ should start next season from the bottom of the pack and make his way to the finals just like everybody else, which means that they all think that Memphis is far from the fastest in America and they would not get to the finals if they have to beat the other teams like Team NOLA did.

Additionally, people are saying that the real Street Outlaws Fastest In America starts with the Oklahoma show, once again proving what we have been saying that any of the cars on the Street Outlaws Oklahoma could beat any of the Memphis cars, on the street.

If you remember, a while back these guys did race and Big Chief and JJ Da Boss raced and aside from the race, JJ lost the steering wheel during that race.

Moving on, we are here to tell you that Kamikaze Chris has a new car, and if you don’t remember he crashed the famous and bellowed El Camino, which is in a pretty bad shape, however it is still fixable and he promised to get it up and running.

The timeline was an issue for this however and this is why he opted for getting a brand new car, meaning that the El Camino will be fixed at a later date, right now he needed something fast and got it.

As to what kind of car he’s got, we will let you check out Sim’s video and find out more for yourself.

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