Most INTENSE Street Races 1320’ve EVER filmed!!!

Take a look at this, Most INTENSE Street Races 1320’ve EVER filmed!!!

Our friends from the popular YouTube Channel 1320video, have been covering the best street races year upon year for quite a long time.

So far they have covered thousands of races off and on the street and this time they decided to bring you what they think are the best of them.

So what makes a race great?

Is it the total power that both vehicles at the starting line are capable of producing, or is it how evenly matched they are.

Well, if you ask us it must be a close race in order for it to be interesting, and it doesn’t matter if the vehicle with more power wins, or not.

There are many rolling start races in the video compilation and there are even bikes trying their luck against cars.

If that sentence does not sound right due to the fact that most cars have less power per weight than bikes, wait until you see some of these races because no car is supposed to win against a modified factory blown Kawasaki H2, right?

Well this video features cars that are telling that H2, to calm down, and try again because they are not about to lose to a bike.

One of the crazier parts of the video is not actually a race. Instead some brave soul, decided to do a pull on the highway, literally right next to the Sherriff, with the turbocharger is hissing away and the rev limiter is banging and exhaust popping. That is something that we would strongly advise against.

Apparently this Sherriff is extremely cool and he did not reprimand the driver, all we can think is we wish we could have him in our area.

So sit back and check out these 80 or so races which are the best, of the best from the 1320video channel.

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