This Setup is Mesmerizing to Watch!!!

Take a look at this, This Setup is Mesmerizing to Watch!!!

You would think that a bunch of grown man would not have much satisfaction of starring at a cars undercarriage, however it is obvious that you would be very wrong.

See, the thing is that the more you see and know about cars, the more you want to see and know about cars, and videos like these are incredibly hard to turn off because you really want to see whatever it is that is happening down there, where the rubber meets the road.

And today we bring you that exact location. Today you can see what is happening to a four link suspension during the burnout and a drag race and how things look down there.

Unfortunately, we do not have the information about whose car we are staring at, or to be more precise whose car we are staring under, but the fun part is that it looks great during this run.

The setup has apparently been fine tuned to deliver the best results and this is why once the “noise” starts it looks like it is not doing all that much, however as soon as he crosses the line you can see that the rear end unloads smoothly, after a great run.

This is not a video that will go viral and the whole world will be amazed by it, and that is just fine because it was intended for the true car enthusiasts that really enjoyed it like we did so play it and tell us honestly, did you turn it off or watched it a couple of times?

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