Fireball Camaro is On a Whole New Level!!

Take a look at this, Fireball Camaro is On a Whole New Level!!!

While most of the people were dressing up for Halloween, the racers dressed up in their multi-layer fire retardant suits and decided to hit the track at Brainerd Motorsports Park in Ringgold, Georgia in order to try and win the grand prize of $20,000.

The event was organized by Reaper and was held in order to decide who’s the fastest of the no prep all stars.

You cannot hold an event like this without inviting Ryan Martin, since he is the current No Prep Kings Champion at least until they find a way to organize a new season, and even then our money would still be on him.

Although he has a brand new car, he decided to bring the old, mega popular, Fireball Camaro and show everybody how fast the OG still is.

In the first round he goes head to head with Tony Mckinney and his popular Novacain which is sporting a massive RCD blower which is tasked with providing huge gulps of air in order to stop the progress on of the Fireball Camaro in this event.

As you are probably guessing, the Novacain did not have what it takes in order to stop the Fireball Camaro in its tracks so it gave this task to the famous Luminasty, the well-known Lumina which is puffing nitrous in order to get to the finish line faster than its rivals.

It is apparent that Luminasty has a huge fight on his hands and we have seen this car perform extremely well, decimating the competition and grabbing the win round after round.

Will he be able to pull off something like that again and show Ryan Martin who is boss, or is the Fireball just out of its reach of that Lumina?

Well we don’t want to spoil the fun, so play the video and find out for yourself, who gets to go to the finals.

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