Twin Turbo S-10 Testing, Preparing for BATTLE !!!

Take a look at this, Twin Turbo S-10 Testing and Preparing for BATTLE !!!

If you have been following the street racing scene, or whatever is left of it after this terrible virus that has landed upon us, you must have heard about That S10 from Ohio with Billy The Kid behind the wheel.

We have featured him quite a few times and today we have him as well as his dad as they are working on the S10 in order to get it into fighting mode.

Today they are working on the truck like many times before, and like always his dad gives him hard time and makes fun of him for our entertainment.

They are installing a new transmission and Billy is not loving the boring work but we all know that somebody has to do it, and his dad is not volunteering to say the least.

After the transmission is in and everything is checked he heads out to the spot that he usually uses to test his truck, however this time it has been more than two months since he has been there and things might go either way.

As soon as he sends it, it is obvious that the S10 is back and it has an enormous kick off the line and even after he lifts and gets back in, you can see that the S10 is not lacking power for sure.

After they are back in the garage, Billy’s grin shows everything you need to know proving what we have seen on the road and proving once again that the S10 is back and it is ready to put down a few very fast runs.

So check out the video and see how these guys are spending some quality father and son time while building a great truck, which is apparently ready for battle and is about to do some serious racing.

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