Aussie 1972 Ford Falcon GT BARN FIND – Stored for 28 Years!!!

Take a look at this, Aussie 1972 Ford Falcon GT BARN FIND – Stored for 28 Years!!!

Despite the travel bans, and all the recommendation to say inside we decided to take you very far away today. We are taking you to the land down under in Australia where two guys are about to make a great discovery of a 1972 Ford which has not seen the sun for nearly three decades.

The car itself is powered by a 351 ci engine which sends the power towards the rear wheels thru a 4 speed manual gearbox.

Aside from the thick cover of dust, the car is actually in an extremely good condition, and even the interior is not looking to bad either.

Cars like these often have a good story behind them, and just like all of them this one has a good story as well.

The owner purchased it for about 5,000 Australian Dollars and only drove it for a couple of months before he parked it in this very same spot that it is in these days.

Over the years apparently he has been checking out stuff that were different from the other cars, and kept finding more and more interesting things about it, and these days they say that they even might get it moving.

We have heard this a million times about cars that are parked in somebody’s garage for a prolonged period, waiting for better times before they can get it fixed up and start driving it.

The big twist is when they bring the original owner of the car and reunite him with this gorgeous vehicle which is quite emotional for him, and for us, to be honest.

It has been 31 years since he has saw this gem of a car and he is absolutely delighted to be close to it once again, but why don’t you play the video and see for yourself.

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