New Episode of The 405 Street Outlaws and Mega Cash Days with Sim!!

Check this, New Episode of The 405 Street Outlaws and Mega Cash Days with Sim!!

We have a different type of show today which is much, much longer than the ones that we are used to.

Sim is here with us today, however this time it is not the usual short video which tells us what is the biggest news today from the past week of street racing, instead today we find him in a different role with a live stream which is much better than a regular video.

The first reason that these videos are much better is the fact that you can actually interact with Sim live and ask him what are you missing from the bunch of information that he already knows, and even if he is not capable of answering, there are guys that are watching that might be of assistance.

One of the guys watching even went as far as calling the whole deal a racing class because of the volume of information that is being served to the viewers and the best thing about it is that no matter how knowledgeable you are on this subject, there will always be a guy that has at least one small piece of information that you do not possess.

The reason for it might be as simple as the fact that he is a friend, or even a neighbor of the racer you think you know everything about and he will be able to tell you more about him or the car at the moment.

The next great thing for this video was the fact that there were guys following and commenting whose account might sound familiar like the Midwest Streetcars Auto account, who were actively participating and even saying that at times, folks spread such rumors that they get surprised about stuff that they are supposedly doing. 

So check out this video and tell us what you think about this form of communication

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