New All Girls Street Outlaws Show!!!

Take a look at this, New All Girls Street Outlaws Show!!!

Back in the day when the first wave of car shows started there were many different car building shows and to be honest we quite liked many of them.

These days however, it seems that we as viewers have changed our focus onto race shows and not so much as shows that bring us how the car that is racing in front of us was built.

Lucky for those that enjoyed the vehicle building shows, Farmtruck and AZN are back with their own show which does feature them building stuff, and if we are to believe Jeff Lutz, they are supposedly building some great stuff.

Now that Farmtruck and AZN have their own show, we are doubtful that we will be seeing them on the regular Street Outlaws OKC show, as the guys that are trying to cheer people up, by bringing them some fun activity for the whole OKC team to bind and get together on.

Since we already put Jeff Lutz on the spot as the guy telling us how great the future Farmtruck and AZN show will be, let us also tell you that according to him, we should expect the few first episodes to hit our screens in April which is just about a month away, so we should be ready for them soon.

Additionally, Sim informs us that he is not even sure how the show will be named or what is even more strange, if the name Street Outlaws will be used at all in the name of this future show which will be featuring Farmtruck and AZN, building fast cars.

If that isn’t enough new shows for you, let us tell you that Sim’s main topic for today is about another brand new show, which will be featuring the ladies of the street racing world, so play the video and find out what he is talking about.

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