Tim Slavens Short Flight and Crush at Lights Out 12!!!

Check this, Tim Slavens Short Flight and Crush at Lights Out 12!!!

The actual name of the video should be Huston we have liftoff, because as you are about to see, this qualifies more as a short flight, rather than a crash if we are being honest.

The guy in the video is Tim “Wolverine” Slavens and he is, um piloting a twin turbo 1968 Camaro which is apparently capable of flight.

The power is derived from two massive 102mm precision turbos so there is no shortage on power under that hood, however it appears that this time it was the opposite.

Right off the bat, this Camaro sounded like it meant business and as soon as Tim let off the trans brake button the car pulled the front wheels clean off the track.

Whether it was the traction control that dropped the power or Tim lifted is not that important, the important thing is the front end was down right after the 60 foot mark and that meant that it was time to go full power and maximum attack.

Unfortunately, this also meant that the front end would go up in the air again, and with the very high rate of speed that the car was going, the combination of massive power and air hitting the underneath of the car, meant trouble.

Pretty soon, this Wolverine had all four wheels off the ground, and it literally took flight for not so brief moment in time.

Safety features once again kicked in, and the parachute automatically deployed, desperately trying to keep get the car back where it belongs, on the ground.

The landing part was actually not so bad considering the huge scare that Tim had, and by the looks of things the car is not banged up too bad, so check out this incredible video and tell us, would you consider this a crash or a save?

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